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Changes and a Challenge

I joined in the challenge from Leading & Loving It to read the Bible in 90 Days this summer. I’m ashamed to admit that I’ve never read through the entire Bible. (My father is on his 16th reading this year!) On Monday I started Genesis and am actually a day head of the reading schedule because I’m enjoying it so much. Every morning this week while I am putting on my make-up and then while I’m driving to work, I have been listening via the You Version app. Each evening I’ve been reading a portion before I go to bed.  I am so grateful how the Holy Spirit is using hearing and reading the Bible in my life this week. I’m excited to see what changes await as, by His grace, I continue immersing myself in His Word.

Facebook and “Here in the Bonny Glen”

The Blog of Melissa Wiley
28 June 2014


I discovered a new blog and I just have to share! One of my Facebook friends who I originally “met” via Twitter but who I’ve not had the pleasure of actually meeting IRL (in real life) but yet feel like I know and has become dear to me, shared a link to Melissa Wiley‘s blog, Here in the Bonny Glen.

In part Melissa writes:

I love Facebook. I hate Facebook. I have loved and hated it since the day I joined. Facebook gave me back friends I had lost: that’s the sum total of my reason for loving it, and it’s immense. All those other platforms brought me new friends. Facebook reunited me with old ones. I don’t need to dress it up in metaphors. I’d lost touch with some of the people I loved best, and Facebook gave them back to me. It gave me what blogging didn’t: daily contact with beloved cousins and old school friends. Every day, it gave (gives) me photos and anecdotes of their lives, their children, their pets, their loved ones, their work. How can I measure the value of that? …

To leave, or to make the decision never to go in the first place (for reasons I respect and with a resolve I may at times envy a little), is to cut yourself off from a certain flow of information. There’s plenty of nonsense and trivia on Facebook, as there is in all forms of human interaction, including some of the best phone calls I’ve ever had. But there’s a great deal of the Real, the Good, the True there too, and it’sthat—not simply the dopamine hit, as many theorists would have us believe—that brings us back. It’s genuine curiosity. It’s, to be blunt, love. I love you and I want to know how you’re doing. If Facebook is where you’re showing me, how can I stay away?”

Brilliant!  Just brilliant! It is very evident that she is a gifted writer (which is what she does — writes children’s books). She put into words exactly how I feel. Thank you Melissa! I’m so happy to have discovered you!

“For Father’s Day — A Letter to My Dad”

The Blog of Jennifer Dukes Lee
11 June 2014


I have been reading Jennifer’s blog for sometime and am always touched by what she writes and the pieces of her heart she shares.  I knew she lived on a farm in Iowa but when I read in today’s post that her father used to manage the Farmers Co-op in Marathon, I was floored!  Marathon is only 8 miles from where I grew up and I am certain that our fathers’ paths must have crossed.

She writes:

“They say that a child’s first impressions of God — and sometimes her forever-impressions of God — are shaped by her earthly father. No wonder I always had the idea that God actually liked me.”

Click on the link above and read the rest of her post. I’m sure it will touch your heart. It certainly touched mine and made me miss my Daddy. I thank God that she and I have Iowa farmers for fathers — men who haven’t “retired” and know how good it is to be alive.

While you’re there, check out the rest of her blog. You’ll be blessed!