Proud of my Daughter!

I’m so proud of my daughter, Katie Courchene, and her new business!  She just shared this on her Facebook page:

“Some EXTREMELY EXCITING things are in the works!!!

So happy to be my own boss, choose how I market myself, and have the ability to work with incredible women!! Stay tuned because this girl and her team are only going up from here!! Want to come along for the ride?? Message Katie!

Learn More!

Monat Launch Party

My Daddy

John S Cross

John Stanley Cross

June 18, 1930 – November 16, 2015

I do not grieve as those who have no hope for I know I will see him again. But oh how I grieve. My Daddy was the strongest and bravest man I ever knew. He demonstrated to me over and over again the father heart of God. There are no adequate words to describe my loss.

I love you Daddy! I miss you so much!

World Cup Fever?

I must make a confession…I don’t have World Cup Fever.  Shhhh…please don’t tell my husband!

He is from Yorkshire, England and is still living there until we can sort out the whole immigration puzzle.  He is a life-long soccer football fan and has been in his glory since June 12 and will be for the next few weeks because of the World Cup (which I keep referring to as the World Series much to his chagrin). He is doing his best to explain the machinations, not of the game so much, (I get that!) but all the predictions that go on…if England wins the first game (which they lost to Italy) and then if Italy wins the next game (which they didn’t) then this will happen… We Americans just aren’t as into soccer football as the rest of the world. I am proud to say we did win the first game! Go


I do understand these videos!  I guess it’s kind of like, I don’t really enjoy the Super Bowl, but I love the commercials.